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30 November -0001
Technology & Quality

The 1000t hot forging production line conducts the production through the processes of material sawing, heating, forging and edge trimming in an integrated manner and can produce the forged products of 100mm in thickness and weight within 10kgs. As its name suggests, the hot forging is a process technology where the material must be first heated and then formed. Such kind of process technology is usually applied on the forged products having a very big appearance deformation amount.

Because every customer has different requirements, we must keep close communication with the customer during the product development period to ensure that the forged products reach the customer’s requirements. Through the close combination of the computer aided design and computerized mould design research and development and the company’s specialized mould making group, a comprehensive and consistent monitoring is made from the design development to mould manufacturing, electric discharge machining, line cutting machine and other processes, thus, lowering the cost to fully improve the research, development, design and mould manufacturing capabilities. We can calculate and design the final dimensions of forged products very accurately to shorten the mould testing time and cost and ensure each process of forged products reach the requirements, thus to further improve the quality of the mass production stage.

The annealing treatment is a common stress-reducing technique in the metal processing field. The method is to effectively reduce the internal stress of material by putting the material under certain deferred control of temperature variance and time.

The treatment of leaving the steel still in the air to cool down naturally after it is heated to above 900℃ is known as the normalization treatment. The main purpose of normalization is to eliminate the aforementioned unfavorable textures and further improve the mechanical properties of steel material.

技術 & 品質

1000トンの鍛造生産ラインはコンター、加熱、鍛造からカッティングまでの一貫化作業で、厚さ100㎜、10kgs までの鍛造品を受けられる。鍛造は名の通り、材料を過熱して成型する生産技術である。このような生産技術は通常外観の変形量がより大きな鍛造品に用いられる。



正常化 鋼材料が900℃以上に加熱した後、空気の中で自然な空冷処理を行うため静置することが正常化処理と呼ぶのである。そして、正常化の主な目的は上述不良組織を消去し、鋼材料の機械性質を改善するのである。
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